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Zanzibar Queen Hotel: Pro Gallery

Zanzibar Queen, Zanzibar

Located on one of the most beautiful coral beaches in the world - Matemwe -, Zanzibar Queen Hotel is a true gem among other Zanzibar's resorts. Proximity of Mnemba attracts amateur and professional divers. With its exquisite cuisine and unique service our Hotel can guarantee unforgettable experiences.

Relax in one of our plush and spacious rooms. Get some rest while watching the ocean through your bedside window, there's no hurry, take your time to contemplate the purest beauty.

Zanzibar Queen hotel offers a complete palette of colours around you but also on your plate. The menu consists only of local and fresh ingredients that can surprise everyone with flavour. You'll taste the truest Zanzibar cuisine at our restaurant.

Rates Range:

From $125 to $390 for 2 pax

Please contact us for more information. 

Zanzibar Queen Hotel: Vacations
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